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Human Centered & Ethical Low Resource Language NLP (HCELR-NLP)


Inst: Hellina Hailu Nigatu


NLP has seen rapid development in the past few years, particularly with the advance of Large Language Models. While we have reaped the benefits of NLP, in domain line machine translation, sentiment analysis, question answering and summarization to name a few, we have also seen failure cases, exported harms, and usability issues. In particular, low-resource languages or languages with limited data suffer from poor quality tools or are not represented at all in these systems.

In this class, we will focus on literature from three different areas: (1) we will look at works from HCI to understand how to build usable and accessible tools, (2) we will look at papers from ethics and STS to understand the impact of technological systems, in articular NLP tools, (3) we will study NLP literature with a focus on low-resource language NLP.

Learning Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

Have foundational knowledge in

Time: 2 times a week; 1 and a half hours each.


Course Policy

This course has zero tolerance for discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, class or any other form of identity. Students are expected to create a safe environment for themselves and their peers.

Course Schedule

You can find the course scedule and reading list here.

Reading Group

This class came about as an extension to a virtual reading group with 14 undergrads at Addis Ababa University and abroad with interst in low-resoruce language NLP.


Bellow is a list of students who wanted their names displayed on the website. Reach out to them if you have common research intersts!